GES Intelligence technology(Nanjing)Co.,Ltd. is a Sino foreign joint venture specializing in the R&D, production and sales of software and hardware systems for predictive maintenance of industrial equipment, which was jointly founded by the "985" and "211" projects, the core team of Southeast University, a two first-class and century old university, and the well-known European R&D enterprise cmc. The company's core technology is to help customers accurately predict the future health trend of equipment through real-time online monitoring and control of industrial equipment "blood" - lubricating oil. The company's core products are oil electrochemical sensors and capillary deep ultra precision filtration systems, which are widely used in chemical industry, steel, building materials, mining, paper making, thermal power, wind power, hydropower, power transmission and distribution networks, high-speed rail, ships and other fields.
Cooperative partner
Training and establishment of professional technical service team, construction of sales system, etc
Company real-time information/product exchange/exhibition information platform, etc

Research paper on the lubrication system setting of wind power gearbox 0.1 μ M Filtering precision Necessity of off-line ultra precision filter

Date of issue:2022-08-25

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